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Exterior Insulated Finish System (EIFS)
No other wall system offers optimal protection against element, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, AND the design freedom of unlimited colors, textures, specialty finishes, architectural shapes, curves and details. EIFS has been proven on billions of square feet in many different climates worldwide for over 50 years.

Stucco (conventional)
Stucco is a material made of an aggregate, portland cement, lime, and water which is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a coating for walls and ceilings and for decoration. Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials such as concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe. Stucco can be applied to look similar to EIFS.

Plaster was a common building material for wall surfaces in a process known as lath and plaster, whereby a series of wooden strips are covered with a semi-dry plaster and then hardened into surface. Today’s it is used as an interior veneer over drywall when a more dense wall surface is required or desired.

Venetian Plaster
Venetian Plaster is a decorative paste plaster for interior applications that delivers a highly decorative, encaustic, glossy finish. This is a natural Venetian Plaster formula composed of organic ingredients, calcium, and acrylic binders, inspired by the ornate plaster-work of Renaissance Italy. Decorative plaster has a millennial history, with origins dating back to the Rome of the Caesars and in the art of Ancient Greece. It gives an old world European feel to modern architecture and design.

Polished Plaster
The term covers a whole range of decorative plaster finishes. Polished plaster itself tends to consist of slaked lime, marble dust, and/or marble chips (which give each plaster its distinctive look). Polished plaster is mainly used internally, on walls and ceilings, to give a finish that looks like polished marble, travertine, or limestone. Such plasters are usually applied over a primer and key-coat base, from 1 to 4 layers. They are finished (burnished) with a specialized steel trowel to a smooth glass-like sheen.

ArcusStone® (Architectural Stone Product)
ArcusStone® is the original and leading source for decorative limestone coatings that provide the look and durability of quarried stone — without the inherent weight and expense. A blend of old world and modern techniques allows our skilled artisans to create beautiful stone installations and limestone plaster finishes in a variety of natural colors and textures. ArcusStone coatings can be applied over many types of interior and exterior substrates, creating a stunning and very natural appearing cut stone or authentic antique plaster surface. Arcusstone cast products offer a cost effective alternative to using more expensive, quarried, hand carved stone without compromising the quality and appearance. This also eliminates the added cost of structural reinforcement that would be required to support the weight of quarried stone. Unlike precast concrete, the cast limestone will develop a natural patina with age.

Sprayed Fireproofing
Sprayed Fireproofing is a durable, wet mix spray-applied fire resistive material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection to various floor and roof assemblies, steel beams, columns, and joists in commercial construction projects. Applying a certification listed fireproofing system to certain structures allows these to have a fire-resistance rating. The term, fireproof, does not necessarily mean that an item cannot burn. It relates to measure performance under specific conditions of testing and evaluation. Fireproofing does not allow treated items to be entirely unaffected by any fire, as conventional materials are not immune to the effects of fire at a sufficient intensity and/or duration.

Intumescent Fireproofing
Thin Film Intumescent Systems give architects the ability to design using steel that can be decorative and aesthetically pleasing! The SprayFilm coating can be color coated to the surroundings and allow steel to be left exposed to view while providing the required fire resistive rating. Structural steel no longer needs to be hidden behind ceiling and gypsum board!

Common Applications:

Corporate Headquarters
Retail Facilities
Airports, Rail and Bus Depots
Schools and Universities
Cafeterias and Food Handling Areas
Clean Rooms
Telecommunication, Electrical,
Computer Facilities

Any area where smooth, durable, and decorative fire protection is required.

Sprayed Acoustical Insulation
Spray applied insulation can be tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R-value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics. In addition, it usually provides these features at lower installed prices than many common systems such as rigid board and batt insulations, sprayed plasters, and acoustical ceilings. It is applied to virtually any properly prepared surface configuration of wood, steel, concrete, glass and other common construction surfaces. It serves as the exposed finish requiring no additional materials.

Cultured Stone
As a building material, real stone can be problematic. With manufactured stone veneer it is the opposite. Lightweight, versatile and affordable, it frees homeowners, designers and architects to explore new creative directions. Many of the surfaces look exactly like the natural stones from which they were molded- right down to the smallest detail.

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